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Our Team

Dear Delegates

Welcome to VIBGYOR MUN 12.

The VIBGYOR Group of Schools has grown significantly over the years, with over 36 schools and multiple subsidiaries spread across the country. Similarly, the VIBGYOR MUN conference has expanded exponentially and is now returning in its 12th edition. Today, it is one of the most sought-after Model United Nations conferences in India, with student delegates attending from all over the world.

Since its inception, the VIBGYOR MUN has operated as a finely tuned machine of logistical, and administrative skills, working tirelessly to solve critical world problems. The VIBGYOR MUN 12, like its precursors, lives up to its name and will provide our delegates with numerous opportunities to grow and enhance in new sectors, imbibe pragmatic reasoning, and fuel a sense of leadership in them.

Today, the world is dealing with some critical issues. The COVID pandemic, the Ukraine war, and acts of insurgency around the world, all serve as stark reminders of the need for change and the requirement for logical inclusive solutions. The future must be reimagined together and who better to imagine it with than our youth, our leaders of the future.

Therefore, as we enter the 12th chapter, I am looking forward to our students developing into sensible and responsive personalities, driven by logic, and having a resolute determination to bring about the much-needed change in the world.

I wish you all immense success. Remember, the sky is the limit.

Best regards

Mr. Rustom Kerawalla
Founder Chairman
Ampersand Group

Hello Delegates

Welcome back to VIBGYOR MUN. This time around we return to our physical summit, after having met digitally for the last two editions of this coveted conference.

At Vibgyor Group of Schools, we have continually placed profound importance on the all-round development of our learners. As custodians, we ensure that our learners are equipped with the necessary skills to develop into ethical, conscientious, and impactful citizens. Along with it, we lay great emphasis on boosting their intellectual and cognitive abilities by organising several salient activities. The VIBGYOR MUN is one such integral initiative.

The VIBGYOR MUN has been created to encourage young minds to come forward and demonstrate their qualities of thinking, rationale, and innovation. This is a unique opportunity for them to exhibit the quality of leadership, work collaboratively with peers across the world, discuss critical global challenges, and find necessary solutions in a considerate and responsible manner.

As we approach the onset of the 12th VIBGYOR MUN, I am pleased to witness the unwavering dedication of our participants. Having attended the previous conferences, I can say with confidence that if the participants take initiative, speak up, and actively engage in the committee and panel sessions, they will gain a profound understanding of the workings of the real world. Along with it, they will successfully inculcate in themselves integral qualities such as logical reasoning, determination, and honesty.

I hope VIBGYOR MUN 12 motivates, energises, and enables our participants to gain a wider perspective of our world.

I extend my support to everyone in anticipation of yet another successful VIBGYOR MUN conference!

Best wishes

Ms. Kavita Sahay Kerawalla
Vice Chairperson
Ampersand Group

The past couple of years brought us numerous challenges, unprecedented in recent memory. According to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), over 800 million learners from around the world have been affected. The impact this pandemic had on the student community will only be revealed over a period of time.

One of the most awaited model UN conferences, the VIBGYOR MUN conference was also halted in its physical format. The pandemic notwithstanding, could not prevent the conference from moving to the online mode. Two editions of the conference in 2020 and 2021 were held online with more than 1000 participants from Europe, UK, USA, and Asia.

The ‘New normal’ is finally giving way to ‘Normal’ and with conditions getting conducive, the good news is that educational institutions across the world are learning to co-exist with the pandemic.

If over 1.5 billion students in 165 countries (UNESCO estimates) were put out of school due to the dreaded virus, it is our duty to bring our learners back and continue to be agents of change through educational conferences such as the model UN. So, the 12th edition of the VIBGYOR MUN is back in its physical form.

VIBGYOR MUN established in 2011, fosters the belief, that students are the future and the true change-makers of society. Partaking in conferences like the VIBGYOR MUN lets students broaden their horizons. It facilitates their development into well-read, logical citizens who believe in an inclusive, sustainable future.

This year the conference will see new committees, a new secretariat, a bigger venue and better conference and dining facilities. This change will ensure that the delegates will save on every bit of their time as they go about transacting their diplomatic businesses.

Even as the Secretary General and members of the Secretariat prepare to fly down from different parts of the world to lead and direct the conference, I wish everyone on behalf of VIBGYOR MUN a happy time to Learn, Lead and Love.

Warm regards,

Mr. Shim Mathew
Director, Academic Operations & International partnerships
VIBGYOR Group of Schools
Mumbai, India