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4* Days of Unlimited Educational Stimulation

Conducted on the same lines of the esteemed Harvard MUN, where students get first-hand experience at solving a global crisis.

The MUN Colosseum (Oxford Model Debate)

One of the most exciting events, the MUN Colosseum is the Oxford-style debate format that offers a topic to opposing sides to exchange a volley of intellectual arguments and rebuttals: an “affirmative” team supports convincing arguments to the motion, while a “negative” team refutes the points made by the affirmative team.

Largest school led MUN

in the country with more than 1000 delegates and over 100 educatonists expected.

Unplugged /ʌnˈplʌɡd/ - Live Pop Night

This year there is double the fun and excitement with the introduction of a Live Pop night complete with a pop band.

Career and Karaoke Night

A wonderful discussion on the various career paths available followed by a fun karaoke night.

Mid-night Crisis Simulation

On one of the days of the event there are late night (midnight) discussions on a possible hypothetical crisis, which all the VIBGYOR MUNers are invited to resolve.

Delegate Dance

An exciting evening full of dance and music where the delegates from across the country let their hair down

9 Committees

To be chaired by seasoned MUNers.