Journey of VIBGYOR MUN


The VIBGYOR Group of Schools’ acclaimed initiative VIBGYOR MUN is a simulation of the United Nations. VIBGYOR MUN offers young students a unique platform to Debate, Deliberate, Discuss, and Resolve international relations-related issues based on the actual policies of the nations they represent. Here students’ role play as delegates of countries across different UN committees such as the General Assembly, Human Rights Council, Media and Communication and Security Council.

Students engage in diplomatic discussions with their fellow delegates, addressing pressing global issues and collaborating to pass resolutions on the given topic on the agenda. This initiative encourages students to develop important skills that moulds them into leaders of tomorrow.

Skills honed through participation in Model United Nations include:

Public Speaking and Speech writing

Diplomacy and Negotiation

Critical Thinking


Research and Analytical Skills

Global Awareness and Understanding

Collaboration and Teamwork

Leadership and Decision-making

Our Journey

VIBGYOR Model United Nations (VIBGYOR MUN) started in 2011, and today is in its 14th glorious chapter, hosted by the VIBGYOR Group of Schools. In addition to promoting peace, collaboration, and diplomacy, VIBGYOR MUN aims to educate participants about global concerns and foster understanding of the UN. At the VIBGYOR Group of Schools, we fervently believe that youth hold the key to the future. They need to be encouraged to come up with achievable, sustainable solutions to an array of pressing concerns. VIBGYOR MUN has developed into a unique platform for students to express their views over time. VIBGYOR MUN has established itself as the largest school-led MUN in the country, with over 5000 Alumni, 1000 National and International Delegates, and over 100 Faculty Advisors, Principals, and Academicians that have been part of the journey so far.

The 14th Edition of the VIBGYOR Model United Nations is going to hosted by the VIBGYOR Group of Schools in Bengaluru this year. In view of the global pandemic, the conference was also held virtually in 2020 and 2021. The 13th edition in Pune was a grand success with over 500 delegates displaying their skills of diplomacy and critical thinking.

The brainchild of Mr Shim Mathew, Director, Academic Operations, VIBGYOR Group of Schools, VIBGYOR Model United Nations has the unstinted support of Mr Rustom Kerawalla, our Founder Chairman, and Ms Kavita Kerawalla, Vice-Chairperson. It has been nurtured by Ms Tripti Parekh, the VIBGYOR MUN Chief Advisor.