14 th



Debate, Deliberate, Discuss, and Resolve

The VIBGYOR Group of Schools' acclaimed initiative VIBGYORMUN is a simulation of the United Nations that offers young students a unique forum to Debate, Deliberate, Discuss, and Resolve international relations-related issues based on the actual policies of the nations they represent. Here students’ role play as delegates of countries across different UN committees such as the WHO, World Bank, Security Council and others.

The students discuss pressing global issues while exercising diplomacy through negotiations with fellow delegates and working towards passing a resolution on the given topic on the agenda. This initiative encourages students to develop vital skills that moulds them into leaders.

Some of the skills, among many others, that they develop, are:

Public Speaking and Speech Writing

Negotiation Skills

Persuasive Writing Skills

Global Knowledge

Convincing Ability

Networking Skills

VIBGYOR Model United Nations (VIBGYORMUN) started in 2011, and today is in its 14th glorious chapter, hosted by the VIBGYOR Group of Schools. In addition to promoting peace, collaboration, and diplomacy, VIBGYORMUN aims to educate participants about global concerns and foster understanding of the UN. At the VIBGYOR Group of Schools, we fervently believe that youth hold the key to the future. They need to be encouraged to come up with achievable, sustainable solutions to an array of pressing concerns. VIBGYORMUN has developed into a unique platform for students to express their views over time.

Since the world is growing increasingly interdependent, in our interconnected world, Model UN creates knowledgeable global citizens who comprehend national decisions as well as how those decisions impact them locally and globally. Today, Sustainable Development is the need of the hour, as it seeks to balance the economic growth with the protection of our planet’s finite resources and the wellbeing of all its inhabitants. Embracing sustainable practices, from renewable energy to responsible consumption, it is crucial to combat climate change, reduce inequality and secure a prosperous future for generations to come.

Sustainability is a fundamental pillar of our global community’s future which is why the theme of the 14th Edition of VIBGYOR MUN is SDG 11 – Sustainable Cities and Communities.

Thus far, VIBGYORMUN has seen thirteen editions. It has been widely praised by delegates, academic advisers, and national and international dignitaries, and it has been highly renowned and successful. VIBGYORMUN has established itself as one of India’s most popular MUNs.