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Tips For Preparation

Tips for preparation

Thorough preparation is the key to making the VIBGYORMUN an excellent educational endeavour. Setting the groundwork before the conference makes a committee session more fun and rewarding as delegates can immerse themselves in their roles as high ranking diplomats.

There are many facets on the proceedings of VIBGYORMUN that need understanding such as what to say in a speech or during the caucus, make points or motions for the first time, and understand what a new term means.

To prepare well to participate at VIBGYORMUN you have to research, know your country, get organized, be confident and focused. Here are a few tips to help you with VIBGYORMUN.

Be a Researcher

You should spend time researching the topic areas that are allocated to you and your committee. All our study guides include a bibliographic essay as a starting point for your research.

A ready-to-access research file is a lifesaver with different topics, acronyms, agencies, and previous solutions.

Know Your Country

Learn about the country you will be representing both in general and in relation to the topics you are selecting.

While our study guides include an analysis of block positions on topic areas, you should also learn about the specific positions of their respective committees.

Be Organised

During VIBGYORMUN, you will get 40 hours or less to solve the world’s most important and complicated problems. Thus staying organized becomes paramount.

Break down your topic into smaller issues. Choose the ones that matter most to your country or position. Match solutions to those issues.

Be Confident

You will give your first speech in front of people you’ve never met. We understand it can be intimidating since it will also be you setting your first impression.

However, the first speech is the easiest to prepare as you can write it beforehand. You will find that it is easier to speak again after you’ve made a strong first speech. This will give you the confidence for the rest of the conference.

Be Focused

Over the course of a conference, your committee will discuss many different problems and solutions. Speeches that try to cover too many ideas at the same time may get confusing.

Focus on one idea at a time. This will help you to overcome an important public speaking fear – knowing what to say in a speech. It will also make it easier for you to communicate and for your audience to understand you. You will also be faster at crafting comments and more active in moderated caucus.

Be Aware

Learn the different stages of committee. Be aware of what stage the committee is in, whether it is making speeches, forming alliances, or writing resolutions. Once you realise that there is a certain flow to the committee, everything will fall into place.

Last and most importantly ask questions when you do not understand something.

Raise a point of inquiry when in doubt about the proceedings or any word that someone has used. It is a simple thing to do yet so hard – most people do not want to admit that they do not know something. Asking questions is the first step to gain knowledge and become a better delegate in MUN.