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Will I get to choose my committee and country?

Yes. You will be asked to mark your preference of committee and country in your registration form. However, since several factors impact the distribution of delegates, the final discretion lies with the secretariat.


What should I do if my country has no information/research available on an agenda?

It’s time to get inspired! Get to know the agendas very intimately, familiarise yourself with the frontline countries’ stances and strategise effectively. Take part in the debate.


Do I need to research on both agendas?

Yes, as the order of the agendas and the number of agendas discussed is unpredictable.


How do I connect with my chairs and committee members before the MUN?

You can email your respective executive board. Email IDs will be available on your digital and physical welcome kits as well as on the website. For committee members to respond, the average response time is 24 hours.


Can I use electronic devices during the committee session?

Yes. Please avoid printing your research outside of important documents, given a sustainable conference. Using the internet during committee session is prohibited, though you will have access before and after.


On what basis should I choose my committee?

First and foremost, your preference should be dependent on your interest. Each committee at VIBGYORMUN caters to a specific political and social programme, and some have atypical set-ups. Understand their history, read associated agendas and then decide. Secondly, keep in mind your experience as well as the ease with the size of a committee. Ensure your decision of preference is a combination of these factors.


The agenda of my committee isn’t relevant to my assigned nation. Does this mean I won’t be a part of the debate?

No, all delegates in any committee are encouraged to be a part of the debate. Your research can be agenda specific, with your country skillfully integrated into your response. Get familiar with your countries’ general policies before you frame your stance.


Is VIBGYORMUN accessible to youth with a physical disability?

Yes, VIBGYORMUN 10 is wheelchair friendly. There will be ramps and guided personnel available to assist you if required. Please mention your special needs on the registration form or email [email protected] with the subject “Special Needs Assistance”. Include your name, committee and requirement.


How should I prepare for my committee?

A lot of research, practising public speaking, and organising your notes is all you need. Begin with exploring your study guide, and follow the executive board’s lead. Be creative with the direction of your research, since alternative facts can steer a committee, but remember to include vital information. Your position papers will be a good summary of your research for you. You should be comfortable enough to be able to discuss your agenda with knowledgeable individuals and educate them further.

It is recommended that your position paper is not the same as your speech for the General Speakers’ List (GSL).


I am travelling from outside Mumbai. What is included in my registration fare?

Different packages include different opportunities. Both out-of-station packages include accommodation at the Hyatt Regency, food, and social events.


What is the dress code for Model United Nations?

Formal attire only. Western formals recommended, to be cautious. Inappropriate clothing may result in dismissal from your committee until you have had a chance to change.


I’ve hurt myself during the conference. What should I do?

Contact a member of administration or secretariat immediately. You can identify them with their ID cards.


Will all the delegates get a chance to speak?

Yes, though you voluntarily may choose not to. The Executive Board may ask you to speak based on their discretion, usually with prior notice.


Are there social events during the conference?

Yes, and very exciting ones too. For VIBGYORMUN 10, alongside the traditional delegate dance, there is also MUN Ki Baat, which is a panel of prestigious personalities debating live for the education of the audience, and MUN-EX, which is a Tedx style platform for the accomplished people to tell their stories.


I am a first-time MUN participant. What should I expect?

An intellectual challenge! Follow some basic steps, which include reading your study guides, being very well prepared on your agendas, and being ready to speak during the conference. Take multiple opportunities; participate during the Moderated and Unmoderated caucus. Don’t be very worried about the quality of your debate in the beginning, but attempt managing your countries’ interests and speaking clearly.


What should I include in my position paper?
Please check ‘Position Paper guide’ under ‘resources’.

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