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Crisis Committee

A night Crisis Committee was organised by our Crisis Team in the VHMUN 6. It involved selected delegates and Heads of Committees working throughout the night to resolve a crisis with the help of the Secretariat.

The crisis committee or the X Com, as it was referred to, was an unforgettable experience. The Best of The Delegates from each committee were picked up by their respective chairpersons and were requested to wait for a midnight Crisis Committee. The committee lasted from 11.30 pm to 1.30 am on 24 June at the Hyatt Regency board room. 13 chosen delegates out of 500 were set up in teams of 2 to represent various countries to battle out the given crisis along with the 13th delegate representing the UN. The simulated crisis situation was to protect several world leaders from the hands of an unknown group of social hackers who had set out to kidnap them. The delegates were given 4 crisis updates as they tried to battle out the situation to save the global leaders.

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