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Secretary General

Dear Delegates,
My name is Tamanna and I am thrilled to be serving as the Secretary-General for VIBGYORMUN 10. I hold a bachelor’s degree in the Social Sciences from the University of Toronto and I am currently training in Design Development from the National Institute of Fashion Technology, Mumbai. I enjoy reading, cooking, illustrating, and I am currently training to be a Kathak dancer.
I started my academic career as a delegate with the very first VIBGYORMUN and ten years later, I find myself learned, confident and enthusiastic about the future as long as it rests in the hands of beautiful minds. Through VIBGYORMUN 10, I am eager to augment and foster inclusive and ingenious thinkers that will have the skill set necessary to influence the world. VIBGYORMUN will indubitably result in you relearning the importance of research, co-operative activism, innovation and brilliance as a newcomer, and it will enrich your ability to deconstruct the complexity and pace of peacekeeping if competing as an experienced delegate.
I am looking forward to making VIBGYORMUN 10 a challenging and gratifying experience for all the participants.

Tamanna Kapila
Secretary General
[email protected]

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