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Director General

Dear Delegates,

It gives me great pleasure to be a part of the tenth edition of VIBGYORMUN which aspires to empower the youth, shaping their expectations of living in harmony without any dissension.

Back in 2016, I was just as new and clueless novice as many of you. Standing at the end of the committee room, I was figuring out my way through the conference as an admin and logistics member, filled with just the same amount of doubt and awe that you might have. One thing I didn’t lack and what separated me from the crowd of novices was my dedication, commitment and love for the process of learning. Steadily understanding life as an admin member and executing the instructions to perfection helped me achieve the insurmountably exponential growth from Administration SubHead at VIBGYORMUN 7, Head at VIBGYORMUN 8, to the Director General at VIBGYORMUN 9. It is my honour this year to hold the prestigious post yet again. For me, it’s been a healthy balance of responsibility and social interaction.

Delegates, be driven and passionate about your agendas and come prepared for a vibrant committee.

Nidhish Kakad
Director General
[email protected]