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Delegate Code of Conduct



The VIBGYOR High Model United Nations strives to:

  • raise awareness among the youth about the salient role played by the United Nations in Global Affairs;
  • serve as a Model of Best Practices of the United Nations;
  • involve delegates in various aspects of the planning process and inspire future leaders to become involved in world issues;
  • develop reading, reference and research skills which improve note taking, technical writing (drafting resolutions and working papers) and policy analysis;
  • enhance communication skills especially in the areas of public speaking, debating, small group communications, active listening, negotiation and conflict resolution;
  • help delegates gain insights into foreign policies and how they affect world politics;
  • achieve a deeper understanding of different cultures and learn to appreciate and tolerate diversity;
  • defend other points of view that delegates themselves only partially agree with or do not agree with at all;
  • encourage the youth to contribute towards a better global social interaction.


a) The Delegate should attend the conference on time, to show conscientious effort in participating, and to conform to conference rules and regulations.

b) The Delegate must dress in Western Business Attire during committee sessions and follow the dress code for the post committee events, Delegate should wear conference badges at all times during the If a delegate’s attire is deemed inappropriate by the VHMUN officials, the delegate will be asked to leave the session and return with appropriate attire. Clothes that expose excessive bare skin or are otherwise revealing are deemed inappropriate.

c) The Delegate is expected to be honest, behave with dignity and treat others with respect and courtesy. Behaviour of the individual should not interfere with the rights of others. This includes the use of appropriate language, actions and attire. The delegate is expected not to harass others verbally and physically.

d) While participating in the VHMUN conference, delegates have a responsibility to always maintain thehighest level of professionalism and diplomacy. Conference staff, faculty advisors, fellow delegates, speakers, as well as non VHMUN hotel guests should be treated with the highest level of courtesy and respect, including on social media and in electronic communication. Professionalism in speech, actions and appearance by delegates is a requirement of this conference and necessary to its educational mission.

e) The Delegate should not consume and possess any type of alcohol or banned substances during the conference and it is strictly prohibited.

f) The Delegate should not smoke cigarettes/cigars and possession of cigarettes/cigars is also strictly prohibited.

g) The Delegate should not possess any weapons like guns, knives, or any other arms and not bring into the conference area any flammable, volatile, explosive or dangerous substances, including pyrotechnics and naked flames.

h) The Delegate should not demonstrate any rowdiness in the hallways, make excessive noise,

roughhouse, and throw objects, access prohibited areas of the conference location, hotel premises and/or display other unruly behaviour and misbehaviour with any other delegate.

i) The Delegate should not bring any valuables to the conference location and Delegates are encouraged to place them in a safe deposit box at the hotel.

j) The Delegate should not throw any garbage in any part or in the premises of the Conference, except in those specified areas for garbage.

k) The Delegate should not touch, handle or operate any event equipment and the production equipment at the Conference venue without proper instructions.

l) The Delegate should not obstruct or interfere with aisle, entrances, exits, electrical cupboards, emergency lighting, fire extinguishing equipment and fire alarms in the Conference Area.

m) The Delegate should not do anything which might in any way endanger or omit to do anything reasonably required to prevent danger to the Conference Area, or to any other person.

n) The Delegate should not bring into the Conference Area any living animal or bird without prior written consent from VHMUN officials.

o) The Delegate should not make any collections whether for charity or otherwise within the Conference Venue without the prior written consent of VHMUN officials.

p) The Delegate should not photograph, videotape, film, digitally record, or by any other means secretly view, with or without a device, another person without that person’s consent in any location where the person has a reasonable expectation of privacy, or in a manner that violates a reasonable expectation of privacy. This section does not apply to lawful security or surveillance filming or recording that is authorised by law enforcement or authorised VHMUN officials.

q) The Delegate should not go out or away from the hotel or conference location without any intimation or valid permission after 11 pm IST.

r) The Delegate should not violate, or attempt to violate, other rules that may be adopted by the VHMUN.

s) The Delegate should comply with the directions of the VHMUN and Conference representatives in relation to security, crowd control and emergency control, very strictly.

t) Misuse of facilities, theft, misappropriation, destruction, damage, or unauthorised use, access, or reproduction of property, data, records, equipment or services belonging to the Conference location,hotel or belonging to another person or entity is strictly prohibited.

VHMUN will not tolerate any instances of harassment or discrimination based on race, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, age, or disability. Further, VHMUN will not tolerate any instances of inappropriate behaviour or unwelcome advances of a sexual nature. If any delegate, staff or advisor believes they have encountered harassment or discrimination, they must bring it to the attention of the Secretary General or the President of the VHMUN. The Secretary General or the Director General must then investigate the merits of the allegations, and interview all parties involved. Based on the findings of the investigation, the VHMUN Organising Committee may take appropriate action as may be deemed necessary and appropriate.

The Secretary General reserves the right to expel any delegate, delegation, school or group thereof from the conference at any time for violating or failing to comply with conference rules, regulations, code of conduct, or any other policy. VHMUN has a zero tolerance policy concerning violations of alcohol; and possession or use of controlled substances, and weapons; racial discrimination and sexual harassment will always be met with expulsion. All conference materials (e.g. conference badges and placards) must be surrendered to conference officials upon expulsion. There will be no refund of conference fees for delegates/delegations asked to leave the conference due to any of the above infractions.

The Secretary General in consultation with the VHMUN Organising Committee reserves the right to issue additional rules of conduct or to alter existing rules without any notice. The authoritative determinations of fact and interpretations of conference rules and policies are those of the Secretary General and the VHMUN Organising Committee.