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Assists the Admin Team to provide a safe and peaceful conference.

Dear Delegates,

It is a privilege to welcome you to VIBGYORMUN 10. This position of Admin and Security Co-Head brings immense responsibility, as well as an opportunity to showcase team management skills. Being an enriching experience for all, it is a platform for everyone to come forth and share their ideas and points of view.

I am currently majoring in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Economics at Virginia Tech and have always been intrigued by classical mechanics and calculus. Moreover, I am a cycling enthusiast and love to play snooker in my free time.

VIBGYORMUN is where I started my MUN journey and I feel honoured to be in the Secretariat. I feel that the logistics team is the backbone of any Model United Nations Conference.

We as a team have to ensure the smooth functioning of this four-day conference. Over the course of these four days, you all will imbibe qualities of teamwork, enthusiasm, interpersonal skills and at the end of these four days you will feel content at witnessing the success of the conference because of your very own efforts.

I want the delegates to make the most of this conference. I hope to see them maximise their potential and take back as much as they can. I promise to work towards it with utmost diligence and I expect the same from you.

Ritwik Sinha
Admin and Security
[email protected]

Dear Delegates,

I, Mehul Thakur, am honoured to be the Admin Security Co-Head for the 10th edition of VIBGYOR Model United Nations taking place in Mumbai this year. I am currently studying in Grade 12 in Bengaluru. Other than organising MUNs, I am passionate about art, basketball, and cooking.

I have participated in several conferences in Bengaluru and organised a few of them too. Moreover, I have also taken part in the previous editions of VIBGYORMUN and I have found it to be an exciting and enthralling experience. It is an absolute privilege to be working with strong individuals like Ritwik and Nidhish, who are very experienced in this field.

The Security Team of any Model United Nations conference plays an integral role in ensuring the smooth functioning of the event and in maintaining discipline. I, as a Security Head, shall do my very best to fulfil the duties required by my designation to guarantee the success of this conference. I am excited to continue to be part of the VIBGYORMUN family. I look forward to meeting you all in June.


Mehul Thakur
Admin and Security
a[email protected]