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Security Council (SC)

The Charter of the United Nations – an international treaty – obligates member states to settle their disputes by peaceful means, in such a manner that international peace, and security and justice are not endangered. They are to refrain from the threat or use of force against any state and may bring the dispute before the Security Council.

The UN Charter gives the Security Council primary responsibility for maintaining international peace and security. The Council may convene at any time, whenever peace is threatened. In contrast to the decisions made by the General Assembly, all Member States are obligated under the UN Charter to carry out the Security Council’s decisions.

There are 15 Council members. Five of these — China, France, the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom and the United States — are permanent members.

Dear Delegates,

With immense pride of being the Chairperson of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), I take the pleasure of welcoming you heartily to the 10th edition of VIBGYORMUN.

It is our responsibility to prove all those people wrong who say that world peace is ‘unachievable’. The UNSC is the UN’s and perhaps, the world’s most powerful committee.

I have begun my MUN journey at the age of 13, and have attended over 20 conferences, both as a delegate and a member of the Executive Board. Other than MUNs, I enjoy playing basketball, horse riding, and eating spicy food.

From an experienced committee like the UNSC, I expect well researched delegates, crazy alliances, innovative thinking, and feasible solutions. Ensure that you make Sheldon Cooper and Harvey Specter look as toddlers.

Feel free to approach me with any questions.


Krish Agrawal
[email protected]

Dear Delegates,

Welcome to VIBGYORMUN 10, the much-awaited event of the year!

Any Model United Nations (MUN) conference and VIBGYORMUN in particular, work on the mechanism of recognising knowledge, applying it articulately and creatively, thus nurturing a change. Delegates arrive with research, and use it to debate and create realistic solutions.

I am currently in the Grade 11 of the IBDP at Oberoi International School and I plan to study a combination of Computer Science and Philosophy or Politics, as I think combining a technology-driven science with a liberal art would provide me with a holistic education. Apart from education, I am keenly interested in basketball, and rapping under the name ‘Zivy’. I absolutely adore reading as well and am also the Co-Chief Administrative Officer for a start-up called Evolv.

From making learnt and uneventful speeches to being able to come up with indigenous points, there seems to be a polarity in the person I have become after conferences, than the one I was before. Apart from being more articulate and confident, MUN has also helped me meet some of the most brilliant people.

That being said, I hope that everybody involved in this conference – the Secretariat, the Executive Board, and the Delegates, take back and learn a lot from this conference.

Meet you soon!


Ishaan Vijai
[email protected]