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As a Press Corps reporter, students represent a national or international news agency instead of a country. In preparation for this role, students write an editorial instead of a position paper. The reporters inform, report and record the happenings in the various committees. The Press Corps does not have a specific agenda. It is engaging work, and needs good communication skills.

Dear Delegates,

It is my esteemed honour to be able to serve in the secretariat of VIBGYOR virtual Model United Nations (Vv-MUN) this year as Press Head! Remembering my first VIBGYORMUN almost certainly brings back hints of nostalgic euphoria to my mind.

VIBGYORMUN has offered me an opportunity to imbibe so many lifelong skills. Coming back to this conference as Head of Press is certainly a sense of home coming.

We live in an age where the press is slowly evolving to be a necessary criticism of the social system, and it is imperative that we develop good journalism skills. Delegates, prepare yourselves for highest levels of debate and competition. Just because the forum is online does not necessarily decrease the standard we uphold at La Voce. We continue to stand our ground, this November. I cannot wait to (virtually) meet all of you!

Soorya Balasubramanian
Head of Press