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As a Press Corps reporter, students represent a national or international news agency instead of a country. In preparation for this role, students write an editorial instead of a position paper. The reporters inform, report and record the happenings in the various committees. The Press Corps does not have a specific agenda. It is engaging work, and needs good communication skills.

Dear Delegates,

Welcome to the Press Corps!

As your Press Co-Head, I anticipate another great conference this year.

As members of the Press Corps at VIBGYORMUN 10, you will be a part of a simulation unlike any other. Instead of representing the interests of a single country, the Press Delegation allows participants to act as unbiased journalists, reporting on the proceedings of each simulation in the conference. You will investigate committee debates, conduct interviews, edit articles, and cover press conferences if time permits. Your work will be published in VIBGYORMUN’s press release and read by all participants.

A member of the Press Corps receives an experience unlike any other. A press delegate experiences first hand, the happenings of a committee and gains perspective on several world issues. Not only do they gain knowledge, but they also do what they are most passionate about in an environment that suits their comfort.

During committee sessions, writers are both passive and active participants. They are responsible for observing the simulations as they unfold and for disseminating information regarding those events to all the VIBGYORMUN participants.

Photographers, on the other hand, are more incognito in nature. They are crucial members of the committee as they encapsulate each and every “Oh My God!” moment and together, with the writers, make the reporting very interesting.

These are the two main roles we have to offer. However, the Press Corps requires illustrators, videographers and lastly but most importantly, we need our own social media team.

A committee like this requires your wholehearted commitment which increases my excitement to work with you by the day.


Best wishes,
Garima Datta
Press Co-Head
[email protected]

Dear Delegates,

Welcome to the Press Corps!

On behalf of everyone at VIBGYORMUN, I would like to welcome you all to its 10th edition.

I am delighted to be working as the Co-Head of Press for VIBGYORMUN10. I am currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Sciences at Queen Mary, University of London, and my long-term goal is to make a career in global health.

I enjoy writing and art. Although I have quite a few unfinished paintings, I would like to call myself an artist. My other interests include reading, mostly history and non-fiction. My aim for this year is to read more books about politics and current affairs and learn languages. I have spent three years learning Spanish and I am currently trying to learn French.

The press team is an indispensable part of any Model United Nations conference. It is our duty to uncover the deepest and darkest secrets of every committee and provide an unbiased journalistic link between the happenings of the committee and the rest of the conference. We at Press Corps will be quirky, will raise questions, conduct interviews, investigate and present perspectives while we observe and enjoy the conference.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns because that’s what I’m here for. I can’t wait to meet all of you in June and I hope you are as excited for VIBGYORMUN 10 as we are.


Shania Pande
Press Co-Head
[email protected]

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