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Disarmament and Security Committee (DISEC)

Dear Delegates,
I am honoured to be on board the 9th edition of VIBGYORMUN. I am a 17 year old, interested in the fields of sports and social work, other than participating in MUNs. Having got selected in Manchester City’s U17 youth and development programme and also having played at the district level, I aspire to be a footballer.
I firmly believe that in order to change the world, one must first change the way the country functions. MUN facilitates communication amongst students, helping them overcome being egocentric, push boundaries and step out of the comfort zone. The excellence of debates and the procedures of the committee are entirely dependent on the delegates and so, I am very eager to meet you all. I want you to do extensive research, make extreme alliances and come up with all inclusive resolutions.
I look forward to getting completely absorbed by the heated yet fun atmosphere and contributing to make the agenda more interesting.
Aryan Sher
[email protected]



Dear Delegates,

As an Executive Board member for the 9th edition of VIBGYORMUN, I welcome you onboard.

I will be turning 16 in July, making me one of the youngest members of this MUN. I am presently pursuing the IBDP for the 11th and 12th grade, and am fascinated by Computer Science and Law. I also play basketball and make music.

I can remember my first MUN as though it was yesterday. It was 2016, and I was entering through the gates of VIBGYORMUN 6. I was lost but curious and this curiosity helped me overpower myself and add my name to the General Speaker’s List. From mumbling uneventful speeches to being a better orator, I have never stopped learning. Even though I did not win an accolade during that MUN, I was sure of one thing – one day, I would be experienced enough to be an EB member at VIBGYORMUN. Since then I have attended 8 MUNs.

I believe MUNs are influential in the growth of a young adult. They teach us about important life lessons like communication, negotiation, teamwork and coordination, which help us in innumerable ways. VIBGYORMUN, however, is more than any other MUN – it is a movement. From having several young and aspiring first timers to having delegates with a lot of experience, OC and EB members go back home with a memorable experience and a lot of learning.

To all the newer delegates who are applying, I would advise you to come well-prepared with good research, not to be scared in the committee, and to have fun. I can ensure that the DISEC, as well as the rest of VIBGYORMUN would be an outstanding experience for each and every delegate.

Ishaan Vijay
Co Chair

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