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All India Political Parties Meet (AIPPM)

IPP or the All India Political Party Meet is a non-technical but powerful committee. It is a meeting between all the political parties of the nation. Typically called before the session of the Parliament or before the introduction of a bill, this committee aims to arrive at a consensus before the sessions begin.

It is a supplementary body to the Parliament without any legislative provisions. The purpose of the meetings was initially to be a forum for unbounded political debate which may not be allowed in Parliament due to time constraints but these bodies now aid in providing a better insight into national issues. They help provide a diverse viewpoint before the actual legislative process.

Dear Delegates,

I am absolutely honoured to be the Chairperson for the All India Political Parties Meet at VIBGYORMUN 11, and it is with utmost happiness and warmth that I welcome you.

I am looking forward to these two days that will surely be steeped with intense debate, unique perspectives, and ground-breaking answers to some the biggest unanswered problems of today. I am intensely passionate about MUNs, debates, and anything that falls within the realm of public speaking. I have been in the MUN circuit for about 4 years now and have attended multiple conferences, in the capacity of both an EB member and a delegate.

I started out my MUN career at VHMUN 2018 and I cannot put into words the delight I feel in coming back to where I started. However intimidating an MUN may be, I still want you delegates to have fun and take back a valuable learning experience.

Rest assured, I will endeavour to make this a great experience for all of you. Please remember that you will need to be respectful not only to the agenda, but also to each delegate in the committee. If you do face any difficulty with the agenda or anything else pertinent to the MUN, please feel free to contact me. On a lighter note, I enjoy painting, singing, dancing, and reading; so brownie points if we have shared interests.

Really looking forward to meeting each one of you!

Kruthika Kumar
Chair – AIPPM

[email protected]

Dear Delegates,

Welcome to VIBGYORMUN 11!

In a constantly globalizing and dynamic society that we live in, the main focus always remains on being able to take charge of the situations at hand. I have always loved AIPPMs for their fast pace and action-packed agenda. When in a committee like AIPPM, where every statement must have a counter, and every counter must have a reply, it is paramount that one remains fully prepared for all possibilities and outcomes.

I have been in the circuit as a delegate since I was 12 years old, and here I am making my debut on the EB. It is an honor to be on the EB for the MUN that made you fall in love with the process in the first place.

Strengthen your basics and skills. Seize every opportunity you get to assert yourself in the committee, learn to be ruthless and mindful at the same time, and compete with a true spirit.

If you need any help in preparing for the conference, feel free to reach out to me. I would love to help you out.

I wish you an enriching experience!

Best Wishes,

Siddhant More
Chair – AIPPM

[email protected]

Hi Everyone!

I am Zyfn Kothavala, an 11th grade student at the Bishop’s Junior College, Pune. I really look forward to chairing AIPPM and meeting all of you! I have been MUNning for the last five years, and look forward to many more. I have participated in several DTMUNs, Harvard MUN, and have also run the Bishop’s MUN Club and MUN Society for the last three years in my school and college respectively.

In addition to that, I am a fierce debater, enjoy all forms of public speaking, and adore writing as well. I have a passion for music as well, and (try to) play the guitar, piano, and drums.

It is always a pleasure to see new faces in committee, and I try to help novice MUNners reach their full potential.

I try to be a friend to all delegates, and if any of you have trouble with research, RoP, or anything else, do not hesitate to reach out to me.

Let’s all make the committee sessions fun and lively, while also maintaining decorum and keeping them educational. I can’t wait to chair at VIBGYOR MUN this year, and I hope for some enrapturing deliberation in committee!

See you soon, phir milenge, and auf weidersehen to you: D!

Zyfn Kothavala
Chair – AIPPM

[email protected]