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About All India Political Parties (AIPPM)

AIPP or the All India Political Party Meet is a non-technical but powerful committee. It is a meeting between all the political parties of the nation. Typically called before the session of the Parliament or before the introduction of a bill, this committee aims to arrive at a consensus before the sessions begin.

It is a supplementary body to the Parliament without any legislative provisions. The purpose of the meetings were initially to be a forum for unbounded political debate which may not be allowed in Parliament due to time constraints but these bodies now aid in providing a better insight into national issues. They help provide a diverse viewpoint before the actual legislative process.

Dear Delegates,

Welcome to another edition of the prestigious VIBGYOR Model United Nations!

The 10th edition is going to be bigger and grander than any of the previous ones and is going to set a new precedent for MUNs in the city. We promise a fun, learning experience for all of you but a little more for the delegates of AIPPM.

With every passing year, AIPPM becomes more and more relevant due to the dynamic political condition of India. Debates in this committee are usually intense due to the agendas being so close to my heart. The committee is fast-paced with multiple motions being raised and passed very quickly. It is different from other committees as delegates will have to adapt to an individual’s persona and characteristics that allow a delegate to go deeper with their research. Also, it allows for more teamwork as delegates of an alliance will have to work together.

We expect delegates to be thorough with their research along with being proactive in the committee. They will have to ask questions and always be on their feet to adapt to the demand of the committee. We expect delegates to make an effort to participate in the committee. Once we see an incentive, we would make sure that they get support and learn something while having a great time.

We promise a great experience for our delegates while they enjoy themselves by dwelling into the world of Indian politics and coming out better informed about their country.

Aryan Mehta
[email protected]

Dear Delegates,

It is my privilege to welcome you to All India Political Parties Meet (AIPPM) at VIBGYOR Model United Nations 2020, which aims to be better and grander with each passing year.

AIPPM is perhaps the only conference in India where all the big guns of Indian Politics come together to solve various issues. The unique quality of AIPPM is that it does not take into consideration the portfolios of any politician. The committee also does not involve vexing procedures followed in the two houses of the Indian Parliament. Instead, it is a platform for various political perspectives and personalities to come together and make decisions on the issues of monumental national importance.

We expect the delegates to be fully aware of the agenda at hand and be thorough with their research. Delegates ought to be proactive and be adept to adapt to the demands of the committee. I personally look forward to the views put forward by the first time MUN participants. But above all, our purpose here at VIGBYORMUN is to help them become better at their craft.

We, the executive board of AIPPM, hope to provide the delegates with a fruitful session in the most dynamic committee of VIBGYORMUN.

Atiq Kazi
[email protected]

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