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Chairs Members – UNEP

Dear Delegates,

It gives me incredible delight to invite you all to the academic simulation of the United Nations Environment Programme at VMUN.

We believe that this experience will not only improve your public speaking abilities but you will also be made aware of world issues that are squeezing our Earth and convoluting the existence of numerous individuals in our nation and abroad. Your real research, therefore, lies beyond any guide and we hope to see some strong content and debate come our way.

The agenda at hand is vast and complex and a successful discussion on it would entail the collective participation of all of you. It shall be your prerogative to decide the direction in which you want to take this committee.

We strongly recommend that you research various things on your own. We also suggest understanding how various rights get affected –legally. Do not feel taken aback on the quantum of research, pages of foreign policy decisions and other details for your allotted country.

Prior to coming for the meeting, it is vital to break the agenda into more modest subtopics and pose inquiries to yourself about the plan. Come prepared with notes and directed points. This will give you an edge in a modestly bigger committee like the UNEP.

It is also crucial to enhance your leadership skills and lobbying capacity since we would give equal importance to overall participation in the committee.

At the end we hope you all join the conference with a goal to be a better version of yourself. At the same time don’t forget to enjoy every bit of the experience.

Looking forward to chairing fruitful sessions with you – for us!

Kashish Gumber,
Chair: UN Environment Programme

[email protected]

Greetings Delegates,

I feel honoured to have been given this opportunity to be the Committee Co-Chair, UNEP.

Personally, MUNs were my launchpad to public speaking and understanding how to work alongside strangers with ease. Frankly, MUN has ignited the passion for keeping up with global affairs and politics for me. I want to recreate this experience for budding MUNers like you and pass it on. I am an eleventh-grade student of the Bishop’s School Camp, Pune.

I strum the guitar every now and then. My taste in music hugely varies, having a preference for albums from the 80’s and modern pop songs. I am a firm believer of Patrick Jane’s famous quote: “Certainty is the mother of fools.”

Our Committee will have an exceptionally important role to play given that it is the principal committee with regards to the theme of the conference this year. I look forward to the three days of fruitful discussions. It is commendable that you have chosen to participate in an MUN. I hope you will learn skills which can be applied outside the scope of MUNs. Like yourself, I have been a delegate and I recognize the hard work that you will have to put in.

Having attended numerous Model United Nations conferences, it would be my pleasure to share my knowledge of the intricacies of the agendas with you. I look forward to welcoming you in my committee and making sure that this is the best conference you have attended or ever will attend.

Should you have any doubts or questions or feel overwhelmed, do not think twice before approaching me!

Sanjay Lakhani,
Co-Chair: UNEP

[email protected]