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Chairs Members – CCC

Greetings Delegates and welcome to this year’s Constant Crisis Committee!

It is a well-known fact that a Crisis Committee is the most fun. The sessions tend to be the most chaotic with delegates brainstorming and coming up with extraordinarily out of the box creative ideas to tackle the problems thrown at them.

This time too, won’t be any different!

Of course the agenda at hand has significant importance to all of us. Dear delegates, you now have the opportunity and the authority and power to change history for better or worse.

The Executive Board eagerly waits to see this committee in action. Facing constant crisis is our forte. It is important that each and every delegate learns and has fun along the way.

I cannot wait to show you what we have in store for you.

Good Luck! Godspeed! May the Force be with You!

Kabir Kapoor,
Chair: Continuous Crisis Committee

[email protected]

Dear Delegates,

My name is Kahaan Doshi. It is an honour to be able to write my introduction as the Chair of the Constant Crisis Committee.

I am an Engineering student in my freshman year at Vellore Institute of Technology pursuing Computer Science and Business Systems. The first MUN I ever attended was VMUN itself, 5 years and I have definitely come a full circle.

As Chair today, and a former delegate, I promise you an enriching experience at VMUN. It is among the most prestigious MUN’s in the country. VMUN is one that will help you develop the necessary skills needed in all walks of life. It will test your knowledge about the world, and assess your management skills. Most importantly, your critical thinking and debating prowess will be examined and challenged at all times. The CCC is a committee that promises to keep you on your toes and hone your improvisation skills.

I look forward to seeing all the young delegates in what I am sure will be an incredibly eventful and illuminating MUN.
Remember to give your best, and make the most of this wonderful opportunity!

Kahaan Doshi,
Chair: Continuous Crisis Committee

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Greetings Delegates!

I would like to extend a warm welcome to all my delegates to this year’s edition of VIBGYOR MUN 2022.

I am Nandika H. I will be co-chairing the Continuous Crisis Committee this year along with Kabir and Kahaan. It is my objective to provide you with a wonderful, constructive experience of our Model United Nations.

I am currently in my freshman year at Ashoka University, pursuing Economics and Finance with a Minor in International Relations. I have been in the circuit as a delegate for over 5 years and my journey to being an effective and competent conversationalist consisted of long hours of preparation, consistency, and a great deal of motivation.

I also run an NGO aiming at empowering women from underprivileged communities by guiding the youth be the instruments of change. I strongly believe in ‘Being the Change’ rather than waiting for change to happen. I encourage my delegates to bring different perspectives, solutions, debates and ideas to the table.

I eagerly look forward to meeting all of you. I assure you, that you will have a comprehensive committee session and a memorable time. Always remember to ‘raise your placards’, research, speak up, negotiate, and lastly, have fun!

May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favour!

Nandika H,
Co Chair: Continuous Crisis Committee

[email protected]