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United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

Dear Delegates,

It is my utmost honour and privilege to welcome you to the 9th edition of VIBGYORMUN, which has always been one of the premier conferences of our country and I am elated to be a part of it.
I am in my first year of Entrepreneurial Studies at the Indian School of Management and Entrepreneurship, Mumbai.
I have chaired several MUN Conferences including Harvard MUN India 2016. I take great pride in being a founder of the Mumbai Youth Summit, Mumbai’s largest Model UN for the year 2017.
I believe that every day is a new learning and I wish not only to share the knowledge that I have acquired through my experience with delegates, but am sincerely hoping to learn a lot from you.
I am looking forward to the constructive debate on the days of the conference. I am extremely approachable and hope that first-timers and experienced delegates alike can take back something from this conference.
Looking forward to meeting you!

Aditya Madnani




Dear Delegates,

I will be your Co-chair in the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). Having participated in more than 30 MUNs in the past three years, I can assure that VIBGYORMUN played an integral role in my learning as it was the first model UN I had participated in.

When I am not too busy with my concerns about world affairs and politics, you can find me dreaming about my epic Bollywood life and writing poetry.

As your vice chairperson, I hope that each one of you give yourselves a chance to speak up and make a change. It may not impact the world immediately, but it will impact your fellow delegates anon.

I cannot wait to see you in June and help you learn diplomacy and hopefully instill a sense of responsibility and sensitivity towards several world problems.

Feel free to contact me at the email address for any query. See you soon!

Garima Datta


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