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United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR)

Dear Delegates,

It is my utmost honour and privilege to welcome you to the 8th edition of VHMUN. VHMUN has always been one of the premier conferences of our country and I am elated to be a part of it.

I am in my first year of Entrepreneurial studies at the Indian School of Management and Entrepreneurship, Mumbai.

I have chaired and organized several MUN Conferences including Harvard MUN India 2016. I take great pride in being a founder of the Mumbai Youth Summit, Mumbai’s largest Model UN for the year 2017.

I believe that every day is a new learning and I wish to not only share the knowledge that I have acquired through my experience, with you delegates, but wish to learn a lot from you.

I am looking forward to the constructive debate on the days of the conference. I am extremely approachable and hope that first timers and experienced delegates alike, can take back something from this conference.

Looking forward to hosting you.

Aditya Madnani
[email protected]


Dear Delegates,

I, Rahil Rami, take immense pleasure to welcome you all to the 8th Edition of VIBGYOR High Model United Nations. “Ambition is everything” so here I am, an ambitious teenager currently doing my A levels, interested in studying International Relation and International Business. I am a semi-professional football player having played at both national and international levels, a national level long jumper and an extraordinary extrovert.Postulating that I am Lionel Messi devotee and a deep-dyed Barcelona crusader would just not be enough to express my affection with the Catalonians.

I have been associated with some of the most prestigious conferences in India and am proud to say that the charisma of VHMUN is something that no conference can match. This would be my 3rd VHMUN and I shall be serving in the capacity of the Co-Chair of UNHCR. I have experience of more than 40 conferences under my belt along with various symposiums across the globe.

In the short span of two and a half years, I have learned and excelled in the art of diplomacy, “The principle of give and take is the principle of diplomacy – give one and take ten”.

In the committee, I vindicate an austere hound policy of the UN Charter and all the international and humanitarian laws. I request you all to abide by your respective foreign policies with a comprehensive focus on the facts, not flaws. Spend some considerable amount of time, endeavour on quality research, be a superior spectator and a promising diplomat, and remember “A diplomat thinks twice before saying nothing”. If you are successful enough to consummate these points, you might catch your name announced for one of the awards.

If you have any question or confusion, feel free to approach me. Eagerly waiting to meet you all.

May the diplomacy always prevail!

Rahil Rami
Co Chair
[email protected]

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