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VIBGYOR MUN 9 Post Booklet Released >>

Secretary General

Dear Delegates,

Everybody needs a starting point, which sparks your interest and imagination in what would continue to be the best adventure of your life. For me, the adventure began in 2012 at VIBGYORMUN 2, the very first MUN I attended. I have since steadily risen among the ranks, participating in every following VIBGYORMUN starting out as – a delegate, an organising committee member, a co-chair, a chair, and now, the Secretary General.

Those who know me will know why I have always taken such a keen interest in MUN, because I believe there is no greater platform for young adults to explore and expand the skills necessary to stand out in the society. As Secretary General, it is my word upon which you can count that every member of VIBGYORMUN 9, may it be a delegate, OC member or EB member, will gain better knowledge of worldly affairs, confidence and leadership skills.

Do not be afraid to make yourself heard in the committees. Your thoughts or opinions are by no means less valuable, even if you are attending it for the first time.

Until then, I continue to live by the words, “Leadership is based on inspiration, not domination: on co-operation and not intimidation.”

Neel Kabir
Secretary General