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Dear Delegates,

VIBGYORMUN is where I started my MUNing journey and I feel honoured to be on the Secretariat.

I feel that the Logistics Team is the backbone of any Model UN Conference. We as a team have to ensure the smooth functioning of this 3-day conference. Over the course of these 3 days, you will imbibe qualities of team work, enthusiasm, and interpersonal skills.

I want the delegates to make the most of the conference and hope to see them maximise their potential and take back as much as they can.

Being an integral part of the conference, I promise to work with full diligence and expect the same from you.

Cheers to VIBGYORMUN 2019!

Ritwik Sinha
Admin and Security
([email protected])



Greetings Delegates!

The Admin and Security team is the backbone of all MUN’s, and I am delighted to be a part of the ninth edition of VIBGYORMUN as your Admin and Security Sub-Head. In the past years, I have been in the secretariat a couple of times, but my experience with Vibgyor is always very enriching, memorable and the best.

I am currently studying in the 12th grade in Bangalore and have participated in several conferences in Bangalore and organized a few too. Well, other than MUN’s I am passionate about art, cooking and basketball. My experience with VIBGYORMUN and the team has been.

The Admin and Security Team of VIBGYORMUN plays an integral role in ensuring the smooth functioning of the event and in maintaining discipline. It is going to be three packed and tiring days for everyone, but one of the best experiences you can ever get.

Let’s all work together and make VIBGYORMUN 9 more successful than all the previous years.

Mehul Thakur

Admin and Security

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