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Historical Security Council (HSC)

Dear Delegates,

It is my privilege to act as the chairperson for this Historic Security Council. I look forward to the debate and the journey you will soon embark on.


As I welcome you to this committee – where I expect nothing less than exceptional debate – I would like to acknowledge the power of independent thinking and skilful diplomacy, particularly so, as under both the agendas, we face intense tension and speculation. As a result, you have, in your hands, the power to change the course of history. You may identify solutions that remedy the problems of the past, but you may, instead, also create greater obstacles that bring about further downfall. Therefore, only a true understanding of the events and their influences will guide you to the brightest future, and only a true execution of diplomacy will help you avoid our dark past. Furthermore, I expect delegates to use their extensive research as the critical foundation for all arguments and solutions to crises.


As for me, I am currently pursuing Neuroscience and Behaviour at Mount Holyoke College. I have participated in multiple MUN conferences, as both a delegate and an executive board member, and am also passionate about my journalistic work as a section editor and an HR head of my college newspaper. With the experiences that I bring, I hope to assist you to the best of my abilities.


Come prepared with your arsenal of research, wrapped in diplomacy. Lastly, if you have any questions concerning committee or the VHMUN experience, please feel free to reach out to me. I will try my best to tend to your queries as quickly as possible.


Good luck.


Saee Chitale



Dear Delegates,

As your chair during this incredible journey you are about to embark on, it is my true honour and pleasure to welcome you to the 9th edition of VIBGYORMUN.

I am a sixteen year-old student who shall be entering the IBDP this year, which makes me the youngest chair on the Executive Board. I am greatly fascinated by Law and Politics while I believe that diplomacy is the subtle key to victory. I have been part of 16 MUNs throughout the country, out of which 11 were crisis committees. I am experienced with the format and war councils and crisis committees hold a special place in my heart.

Being a part of the HSC requires each and every delegate to possess archetypical qualities of spontaneity, confidence and of course, diplomacy. Delegates should be well-versed with major historic treaties and events, while being prepared to face multiple crises and being ready with effective solutions at any given point in the committee.

Being the chair, it is my duty to ensure a fruitful level of debate, while giving a certain amount of freedom to the delegates, which shall encourage them and make them feel comfortable. I also assure that I am approachable to delegates both in and out of the committee room to ensure that no delegate feels alienated from the discussion.

Expecting a high level of debate from all you delegates. Good luck and brace yourselves!

Anish Jaswani

[email protected]